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You will meet Meugnet as either the examiner or observer of the ADOS-2.

With an intense passion for all things neurodiverse, Meugnet is an off-beat speech therapist excited about communication in all of its forms. With 9 years experience working with autistic children, her passion is working with non-speaking or unreliably verbal children. Working predominantly at Little Camelot Nursery School and Bloom, as well as two primary schools in Pretoria, she enjoys working within a team and building relationships with children and their families. Meugnet is a mother of two and is an avid nature- and animal lover.

*B.Comm Path (Speech Therapy) (UP)(2011)
*Masters in Early Childhood Intervention (UP) (2019)

*ADOS trained (Pearson UK)(2021)

*Introductory Alternative & Augmentative Communication course (CAAC UP)(2020)

*PROMPT (Bridging to Intervention)(2019)
*Introductory DIR Floortime FCD course (2018)

*TinyHandz Sign Language for Special Needs (2016)

*Additional courses on topics such as autism, ADHD, sensory integration, motor planning and apraxia, feeding therapy




You will meet Lee-Ann as either the examiner or observer of the ADOS-2.

If compassion had a face, this would be it. Lee-Ann has been working with autistic children and their families for the past 9 years, with a passion for whole-child development and following a family-centered approach. Lee-Ann has a wealth of knowledge about child development. Apart from working at Little Camelot Nursery School and Bloom, she also coordinates services at an NGO focusing on child development in an underprivileged community in Pretoria. She has a bright little toddler boy, and loves spending her free time immersed in messy play and exploration with him. 

*B. Occupational Therapy (UP)(2007)
*Postgraduate course work specializing in paediatric occupational therapy. In the process of completing a research project to obtain M.Sc degree in occupational therapy (WITS)(current)

*ADOS trained (Pearson UK)(2021)
*Introductory DIR Floortime FCD course (2018)

*Additional courses on topics such as autism, ADHD, sensory integration, motor planning




You will meet Stephanie as the coordinator of the Assessment, including all communication, administration, and the peer observation.

As the founder of Little Camelot Nursery School in 2010 and co-founder of Bloom, Stephanie has spent many wonderful hours allowing children to learn and grow in a safe and stimulating environment. She is a firm believer of inclusion in the  school environment and sees the need for allowing mainstream children as well as children with various diagnoses and specific needs to receive quality attention and support from the school environment. Stephanie is a mother of 3 children and enjoys experiencing as much of the outdoors as possible when it's time to step away from work. 

*BEd(ECD and Foundation Phase)(UP) (2006)

*Reggio Learning Approach (2011)

*Principal of Little Camelot Nursery School (2010)

*Additional courses in child development and special needs education.

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